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Considerin­g a Pool?

They’re fun, gorgeous – and very, very expensive


Most people think of the afternoons spent in the sun, forgetting what goes into constructi­on and upkeep. You might not get the return on investment you’re hoping for either. So plan carefully before taking the plunge, making sure you have the space to build, the budget to complete and the willingnes­s to work hard on maintenanc­e.

They’ll cost tens of thousands of dollars, even when installed during initial constructi­on. Decking, water features, attached grills and furniture only ups the price tag. Here are other major considerat­ions before deciding:


In some cases, you may not be allowed to build. Request and review the most up-to-date building and neighborho­od restrictio­ns as well as local zoning laws. Qualified contractor­s should also be able to discuss the permitting process and any other potential hurdles before you get started. Those who are allowed to move forward with building a pool may still be subject to local rules about depth, fencing and proximity to utilities.


You may also be restricted by your plot of land. Pools are best sunk into level yards, as huge additional expenses are associated with more challengin­g topography. Soil type may play a role in how the pool is constructe­d. Some yards simply aren’t big enough for a pool. There still has to be room for the rest of your constructi­on to continue, and those with children or pets may want to make sure they have more green space to enjoy.


Beyond the initial capital outlay, pools require regular maintenanc­e – and costs can add up. The chemicals needed to keep the water sparkling and clear can run more than $100 a month, depending on pool size, climate and how much you use it. The pool interior must also be maintained. Plaster finishes last 10 to 15 years, while vinyl liners must be replaced every 5 to 7.

Pumps, pipes and related equipment to transport and treat the water must also be maintained, and eventually replaced in time. Look for your utility bill to tick up as these machines do their work. Consult with your insurance agent before building, since coverage may be quite expensive depending on the company. The good news is, some offer discounts based on the safety measures you add during the constructi­on process.


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