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Man gets 3 years of probation for his role in armed home robberies


The man who drove the getaway vehicle when two residences were robbed at gunpoint was sentenced Wednesday in Yuma County Superior Court.

Appearing out of custody with his attorney Joshua Cordova by his side, Jacob Preciado was sentenced to 36 months of supervised probation for attempted armed robbery.

“There has been a previous determinat­ion of your guilt based on your guilty plea,” said Superior Court Judge David Haws. “The court has considered the facts and circumstan­ces of the case and determined that probation is still appropriat­e.”

He was also ordered to pay a combined $2,089 in restitutio­n to the two victims in monthly payments beginning on April 1, 2023.

Preciado pleaded no contest to the offense last month in a plea bargain with prosecutor­s. In return for his guilty plea, two charges of armed robbery with a deadly weapon against him were dismissed., as well as a second case against him.

Prior to sentencing, Cordova also told the court that while his client has admitted to being the getaway driver, unlike his accomplice­s, he is not a gang member.

Judge Haws also informed Preciado that since he pleaded guilty to the offense, he could not file an appeal. However, if he felt the court had made a legal error, he could file a petition for post-conviction relief.

In addition to being given a written copy of the conditions of his probation, Preciado was also provided with paperwork to submit to the court to have the conviction set aside and have his civil rights restored upon completion of his sentence.

According to the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, in October 2021 deputies were dispatched to a report of an armed robbery in the 3000 block of West 8th Street.

When deputies arrived on scene, they were told that four masked individual­s had entered the victim’s residence and demanded money while displaying firearms. After receiving an undisclose­d amount of money and items, they ran out of the residence.

The same four masked individual­s then went to a neighborin­g residence and attempted to gain entry. When the victim opened the door, two of the suspects pointed firearms and demanded money.

However, they fled the area after the victim threatened to call law enforcemen­t. Moments later, a witness observed five individual­s jump a fence into the Ironwood Golf Course and get into a vehicle parked on the adjacent canal.

Unbeknowns­t to them, the witness followed the vehicle and relayed its location until deputies were in the vicinity. Deputies were able to locate the vehicle and conducted a high-risk traffic stop in the area of the Neighborho­od Walmart, 2675 W. 8th St.

Once the vehicle stopped, two of the individual­s fled on foot, while Preciado and two others were arrested.

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