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Padres slugger Machado draws first pitch clock violation

tick, tock, Manny Machado. better watch that pitch clock.

baseball’s new timing device made its big league debut Friday during a limited schedule of spring training openers and wouldn’t you know it, it was Machado, the San diego Padres’ all-star slugger, not a pitcher, who was called for the first violation.

Machado found out the hard way that the pitch clock works both ways. He wasn’t fully in the batter’s box and facing Seattle Mariners left-hander robbie ray as the 15-second clock wound under 8 seconds in the bottom of the first inning in Peoria, arizona. umpire ryan blakney called time and signaled strike one against Machado, who finished second in last season’s NL MVP race.

World Baseball Classic in Japan to still feature masks

TOKYO — Fans of the upcoming World baseball Classic are going to see two versions, depending whether the games are in the united States or taiwan, or in Japan.

In the united States and taiwan, fans can cheer and need not wear masks. taiwan dropped most of its mask mandates this week.

For Japan, it’s slightly more complicate­d as Covid-pandemic rules are changing more slowly. Cheering will be allowed, but masks will be worn at the tokyo dome.

the first three days of play in the WBC are March 8-10 in taiwan and Japan. Play begins on March 11 at the two u.s. sites in Miami and Phoenix.

the Japan national team training for the WBC will play warm-up games this weekend and avid cheering will also be encouraged.

However, masks will still be worn.

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