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Finding the Right Spot

Site selection needs to happen before almost any other planning


It’s the one element of your home build that can’t be altered later. Of course, elements inside the home like furniture, fixtures and paint can be updated. Renovation­s can even correct any issues you may have with the layout in the future. But the plot where your home will sit will remain unchanged.

That’s why this decision is so important. As you search, keep these key questions in mind:


Some people crave wide-open spaces with acres of surroundin­g land. Are you looking to include an out building, like a workshop or garage? Are you interested in a pool or other water feature? Will you ever add on? Do you think you might want to take advantage of your green thumb and plant a personal garden? If you are planning on any of these amenities, or think you might one day want them, extra footage has to be built into any prospectiv­e plot of land. Of course, others prefer a lower-maintenanc­e option with smaller yards. Ask yourself pointed questions before you begin looking in order to make the right choice for today – and tomorrow.


Location is also important for a variety of lifestyle reasons. You may want to stay close to family, or to eliminate a long daily commute to work. How close is your potential new build to emergency services?

This may become more critically important if you plan to remain there into your golden years. Do you prefer easy access to stores, gas stations, arts institutio­ns or restaurant­s – or is enjoying the peace and quiet of country living important enough to accept a longer drive?


If you’re part of a growing family, you may need a larger house – or a house you can expand upon. Depending on family members’ interests and hobbies, you may need a more spacious outdoor area. You may also limit your search to selected areas in order to guarantee admission into certain schools because of their academic success, sports options or other amenities. If you’re planning on taking in older relatives, you may also need the room to add on. Empty nesters or older builders, on the other hand, may want less space in order to avoid spending so much time on yard work and general landscape upkeep.


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