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Law enforcemen­t should be treated better


I am appalled over how law enforcemen­t people are being treated today. Mostly due to a handful of bad apples among them.

Sometime when you notice a police car parked, I suggest that you check out all the equipment one must deal with which takes up most of the front seat. Or imagine yourself arriving at the scene of a robbery of attempted murder, and having to carry a club, mace or pepper or a gun and whatever else they are expected to be carrying such as handcuffs then tell me as to how you would do if the same were being expected of you. What really gets me is with so many things taking place today in this crazy world we are a part of, it’s usually the officer being out on trial rather than the criminal whom they have apprehende­d.

All the while, I may add, many of them whom are there to serve us earn little more than a babysitter who works steady. That when you hear of men playing a game of baseball or football who are bringing home millions a year, it tells me that America’s priorities are messed up.

As for the few bad cops we hear of from time to time, I’ve often wondered if those hiring checked back to their time in school, and whether or not they were bullies who loved to pick fights.

When it comes to our sheriff deputies who work the Foothills, it’s almost as though they show up prior to a crime even being committed. These folks are sharp and deserving of being praised due to the work they do.

Those who are out there to protect and serve, in most cases, are more deserving of being paid a good salary.

A lot of these officers I speak of, especially the men are large in size and when you think of them having to carry as many protective items as they do when called to a scene, the least we could do for them is buy them all suspenders.


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