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BBB offers high school student ethical behavior scholarshi­ps


many high school students learn lessons in life by demonstrat­ing resilience to overcome ethical dilemmas. Oftentimes, these stories go unnoticed, but they should be shared to inspire others to do the right thing, and the bbb ethical Torch essay Scholarshi­p does just that.

Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (bbb) encourages ethical behavior in the community, and the bbb ethical Torch essay helps students recognize these actions at an early age. This scholarshi­p honors students who have chosen to respond with integrity when faced with a dilemma.

“by promoting ethical conduct with students, they will be able to lead with integrity to become better decision-makers in the workforce,” said Faustine Chan, director of business and community programs for bbb. The program aligns with bbb’s annual Torch awards for ethics which celebrates companies for upholding outstandin­g integrity throughout their business operations.

Students are invited to write a 500word essay that reflects on a meaningful experience or life lesson that proved making the right choice with positive morals was the best path forward. High school students in Greater arizona are eligible to apply and five winners will each be awarded $500-$1,500 in scholarshi­ps to be used for college tuition and expenses.

To submit an applicatio­n or to learn more, visit torchessay.bbbcommuni­ty.org. Submission­s are accepted now through Oct. 8; winners will be announced at bbb’s Torch awards for ethics celebratio­n on nov. 8 and on the website.

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