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Get Your Patio Ready


With spring in the air, it’s time to dust off your patio and get ready to enjoy the great outdoors again. Before you start planning the cookout, here’s what you need to do to get your outdoor spaces picture perfect.

Clean It

Wipe off winter’s gloom by sweeping off the patio and clearing it of debris and grime. Sweep off the surfaces and the furniture, then spray everything down with a cleaner appropriat­e to the surface. If you have a stone patio, pay special attention to the grout. For wooden decks, make sure you remove any slippery moss or mold that may have accumulate­d.

If your furniture was stored for the winter, take off the covers and launder them according to the care tags. Wipe down your patio furniture and check if it needs any repairs or freshening – perhaps new cushions or throw pillows – for the season. Open umbrellas and look for holes, tears or other signs of wear. Make sure light fixtures work.

Plant It

Take out your old planters and clear out last year’s debris. If you’ve got perennials in, top them off with a fresh layer of soil and water them to get them growing again. If you’re planting annuals, add dirt as needed and put in your fresh pops of color. For flower beds, remove any leftover leaves and debris, then put down fresh soil and mulch as needed. Make sure to clean up the edges and replace broken or peeling edging.

Light It

Look over your patio lighting and make sure it’s in working order. Replace bulbs that need replacing. Consider adding more lighting for seating areas, conversati­on spots or to highlight new plants in the garden.

Paint It

If you’re tired of your patio furniture’s look or if winter left it a little shabby, whip out the spray paint and give it fresh life with a new coat of paint. Top it off with weatherpro­of throw pillows and cushions to make your outdoor space sing.

Lastly, look over your space and see if you can make any additions. Garden centers are adding their spring looks right now and a fire pit, string of twinkle lights or a fresh new hammock may be just the touch your patio needs.


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