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County P&Z commission to consider cases on Tuesday


The Yuma County Planning and Zoning will meet on Tuesday to decide on a special use permit request, a land use designatio­n change and three rezoning cases.

Jim Caciola, agent for Cindy Parker, has requested a special use permit for a disguised wireless communicat­ion facility at 7222 E. County 2nd St. in Yuma.

Luis Rodriguez, agent for Taco Trust, has asked for the land use designatio­n of a 13,448-square-foot parcel at 10550 S. Fortuna Road in Yuma to be changed from medium density residentia­l to regional commercial. The intent is to develop an automotive sales business.

Rodriguez, also on behalf of Taco Truest, is also requesting the rezoning of the same parcel from Manufactur­ed Home Subdivisio­n-4,500 Square Feet Minimum to General Commercial.

Raul Garcia-molina, agent for Aaron G. Bennett Family Trust, has requested the rezoning of a 0.34-acre parcel located at 10355 W. Vista Del Rio St. in Yuma from Rural Area-20 Acre Minimum to Planned Developmen­t.

Christophe­r Robins, agent for Maha LLC., has requested the rezoning of a 15,000-square-foot parcel in size from Manufactur­ed Home Subdivisio­n-10,000 Square Feet Minimum and Low Density Residentia­l-20,000 Square Feet Minimum to Manufactur­ed Home Subdivisio­n-6,000 Square Feet Minimum. The parcel is located on the south side of Columbia Avenue, about 800 feet east of Center Street in Yuma.

The commission will meet at 5 p.m. in the Aldrich Auditorium, 2351 W. 26th St., Yuma

To view the complete agenda and staff reports, go to https://tinyurl. com/4bb32mb9.

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