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Labor market study, MCAS training on council agenda

City officials to hold a regular meeting on Wednesday


The Yuma City Council will kick off its Wednesday meeting with two presentati­ons, one on labor market study findings, recommenda­tions and implementa­tion options.

The other presentati­on will be by the Marine Corps Air Station on the next Weapons and Tactics Instructor course.

In addition, the council will hold a public hearing on a request by Bio Realty Group to amend the land use designatio­n of properties at 868 and 920 S. Avenue B from low density residentia­l to mixed use with the intent of developing medical offices. The council may approve the minor general plan amendment by adopting a resolution.

One ordinance is up for adoption, which would authorize the acquisitio­n of 10 feet of right-of-way along the northwest corner of Gila Ridge Road and Avenue 3E by gift from Maverik Inc. The easement dedication is needed to ensure safe right turn access into the property, according to the city.

The council will also take action on the resolution consent agenda, which contains the following items:

• An amendment extending the term on agreement with the Yuma County Intergover­nmental Public Transporta­tion Authority.

The agreement the rehabilita­tion of Hotel Del Sol would be extended to Sept. 30, 2024.

• Agreement with the Arizona Department of Transporta­tion for the design and constructi­on of the upgraded Arterial Pavement Markings Project. This is a Highway Safety Improvemen­t Program (HISP) project and is fully grant funded with a total amount of $705,390. The improvemen­t locations are at five arterial roadway segments: Giss Pkwy, 16th Street, 32nd Street, Avenue A and Avenue B.

• Agreement with ADOT for the design and constructi­on of the Pedestrian

Hybrid Beacons Project. This HSIP project is fully funded with a grant of more than $2 million. The pedestrian hybrid beacons will be installed at five locations: Giss Parkway between 1st Street and Madison Street; 4th Avenue and Court Street; 4th Avenue and 4th Street or 5th Street; 4th Avenue and 12th Street or 13th Street; and 24th Street and 6th Avenue.

• Agreement with ADOT for the design and constructi­on of the Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal Project. This HSIP project is fully funded by a grant of $493,500. Flashing yellow arrow traffic signals will be installed at three intersecti­ons: 32th Street and Avenue 7E; 32nd Street and Pacific Avenue; and 24th Street and Avenue A.

One consent item is one the agenda:

• A grant agreement with the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management. Grant funds in the amount of $125,000 will be used for reducing, removing and eliminatin­g wildland fire hazardous fuels on 20.45 acres along Yuma’s Lower Colorado River riparian and Wildland Urban Interface areas within and adjacent to the West Wetlands Park. The grant requires a 20% inkind match.

The meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, 1 City Plaza. To view the complete agenda and read staff reports, go to https://yuma-az.legistar. com/calendar.aspx.


Meetings can also be viewed remotely with participat­ion through Zoom. Those wishing to speak at the public hearing or on any agenda item via Zoom must submit an email request to publiccomm­ent@ yumaaz.gov an hour prior to the start of the meeting. To view the meeting through Zoom, go to https://cityofyuma.zoom. us/, click on “Calendar,” then select the meeting and click “Join.”

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