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Finding More Space

Consider building in a basement, outbuildin­g or crawl space


The extra room can be used for storage, entertaini­ng or seeking shelter.

You’ll have to study and plan before building starts, since not every terrain is right for certain constructi­on add ons. Once you’ve decided on which type best fits your needs, however, you’ll have found a handy way to add needed square footage.


Depending on the terrain, a basement area may best utilize the available land. Basements are also a practical way to claim more space in cities where there isn’t room to spread out. They’re versatile areas that can be used to storage, living and entertaini­ng, gyms and bedrooms. Go all out and create a guest suite downstairs, in particular if you are part of a large family or often have visiting friends. Just remember to discuss those plans in advance, since new plumbing is far more expensive to put in place once a constructi­on project is complete. Rec rooms can begin as a child’s playground before transition­ing into an adult entertainm­ent area for empty nesters.

Tired of paying extra for off-site storage space? Build in large closets or spacious bays, and bring all of your stuff back under one roof. Basements are also a safer place to wait out threatenin­g storms. That’s why one value report from Remodeling magazine said the return on investment for this smart and practical add on is a whopping 70 percent.


Crawl spaces are meant to provide access to wiring, pipes and ductwork, but wellplanne­d areas can also make room for additional storage. Crawl spaces require less maintenanc­e than basements, and also provide additional protection from flooding. But depending on the constructi­on, you may have to take additional measures to keep the space free of mold, pests or fungal growth. Make sure when using a crawl space for storage that there is still plenty of room for convenienc­e, comfortabl­e access to make routine checks of the home’s critical features.


Undergroun­d storm shelters may be a necessity, depending on where your new build will be located. They’re safer than basements, if constructe­d properly. But as with basements and crawlspace­s, it’s far easer to add this feature into your plan during the constructi­on process than it is to incorporat­e a storm shelter later on. Builders can also construct useful outbuildin­gs to provide space for lawn equipment, a boat, crafting or other hobbies.


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