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Digitalization has become an integral part of any banking system. Today we are already able to check the bill, pay for services, and transfer money on an online basis. However, is that really enough to name the Bank digital?

Digitalization caught the banks of Uzbekistan flat-footed. The old system is so deeply pervasive that changes, moreover radical changes, are given to them uneasy. Consider at least standing in the idle queue for cashing money from the cards in a bank.

Queues have disappeared from banks but moved to ATMS. But that is another story. The current banking system is still unable to meet the needs of the client online. However, what needs to be done to change this situation?


– Digital is almost everywhere — online stores, social networks, chat messengers, Fintech companies. Nevertheless, in order to fully understand and feel the notion of a digital mechanism, it is necessary for the field of financial organizations to be fully involved in automating the processes of providing services. Here I mean the financial services provided by the banks of Uzbekistan. What does it mean to be a digital bank? If the bank provides its services through an online bank and/or a mobile bank, then the concept of «Digital» will be erroneous. The banks need to come to the same space (a

single system, core, platform) of providing services, both for customers and for bank employees. There is a joke that it is easier to deliver a ready-made solution in the form of servers as well as software and build a bank around it, and not vice versa.

It is easier for Bank employees to redirect to the legislative acts of the regulatory body – the Central Bank (CB). Yes, we can admit that many documents that regulate the activities of banks should be revised. However, this cannot be achieved without active participation and proposals from the bank in the direction of the Central Bank. A good example of this issue can be already working on the market Fintech companies that provide financial services as well. The surprising truth is that you can easily pay off your credit through the mobile application of the Fintech company without even leaving your home. At the same time, having come to the bank to perform the same operation, you have to stand in the idle queue, show your passport, sign a pile of papers and run around the offices. Therefore, in order to quickly implement the stage-by-stage digitalization in the banking sector, it is necessary to be aware of the following aspects:

–there are no documents describing and regulating the algorithms of interaction within business units, as well as the processes of rendering financial services in interactions with customers in the country;

– we do not have an understanding and ready-made digital strategy for the development of banks that must be competitive in the new conditions;

– the current platform in the form of software, server equipment and communication channels (automated banking system), in which unified mechanisms of business processes should be implemented, cannot be improved by the developers with the financial «greed» of the bank, when you have a lot of ideas but do not want to spend money. On the other hand, you have pots of money, but there are no ideas;

– separation from the organizational structure of the bank of the development group (from the staff with «innovative

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