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but delegate work with tax and financial institutions to their immediate subordinates. (Diagram 9).

Almost all of the entrepreneurs are aware that public services can be attained remotely fully or partially (requiring one time visit to state agency). Out of that 62% did find out about this matter from Internet and other 11% from friends and only 4% from personnel, rendering services. However, only one tenth of surveyed were not aware that services are offered online (Diagram


Clearly, rendering government services should not be undifferentiated. Meaning that, services should be diversified.

Three out of four surveyed entrepreneurs have asked for the possibility of mobile applications to ease an access to services – 56% voted for the Single portal of interactive state services, and only quarter of the surveyed would want to visit the centers themselves. Besides abovementioned, some respondents (1%) suggested to create a bot in the popular messengers.

Besides questions, which had to be answered, there were open ended questions as well, where entrepreneurs had a choice of answering in a desired fashion or not responding at all. Particularly, there was a question: “Which services were demanded by entrepreneurs via the Internet?” – without mandatory attendance of the governmental agencies.

Undoubtfully, majority answered that they would like all services to be represented on the Internet. Most of entrepreneurs would rather not visit offices. This question, with a vast meaning is the least informative, thus does not reflect actual needs. Some of entrepreneurs gave more concise recommendations, out of which we can review the most interesting and popular ones:

communal payments report for legal entities through the Internet. Currently, entrepreneurs (or their representatives) have to stand in queue every month to submit such reports;

simplification of banking services (credit line, registry of cash registries and others);

applications for the code certificates, various permission, connecting of communal services, customs clearance, certificates from State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection;

possibility of receiving smsnotifications about debts, about automatic tax deduction from account, debt free report formation and others;

getting competent information and step-by-step instructions on possible questions on work with Oneid services and my.gov.uz;

insurance, debt payment, line enrollment and submission of other applications;

registration and reregistration means of transport in general directorate for road safety;

detailed data on state programs and plans (investments, expenses, sources of financing, directions, procurement and tenders).

Besides that, there was a suggestion: before launching new electronic state services, state bodies should work though the whole process realization, removing all possible errors.

Another open-ended question was column with suggestions from entrepreneurs on improving quality of state

services. Following points are worthy to be mentioned:

to hold a liberalization on decreasing submission of documents and reducing «overregulation» of state agencies;

simplification of the procedure of getting electronic digital signature, making it perpetual and develop personal cabinet, introducing new services and opportunity for work;

to work on human capital on places. “Human factor destructing business from development. It’s hard to cross bureaucratic barriers” – following answer given in different options is repeated by many entrepreneurs;

develop system of reward marketing for the state services: make special offers, bonuses for the entrepreneurs on the basis KPI system;

to fortify call centers by Centers of state services with an opportunity to quickly and correctly answer questions on getting services;

to eliminate duplication of activities, enhance servers for data storage;

to add video instruction for using state services;

to improve quality of rendered services by the way of Internet (time allocation on service rendering, getting response on application);

to hold detailed audit of all the state services, to delegate maximum number to the private sector;

reflect on the personal cabinet of Single portal of interactive state services a map for each request, terms of consideration, names of responsible people on each stage, and which government agencies they serve in;

to launch mobile version of Single portal of interactive state services.

This is it! We appreciate your participation in our survey for entrepreneurs! We are assured that all the answers will help to develop interactive state services in the republic. All the best!

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