The Mag­netic At­trac­tion of «The Lou­vre in the Desert»

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We got fa­mil­iar with Gultina Pakhrat­di­nova at the State Mu­seum of Art named af­ter I.V. Sav­it­sky in Nukus. Young girl didn’t de­part from the paint­ing by Moscow artist S. Lup­pov, painted in van­guard style.

I knew noth­ing about this can­vas and have asked the young vis­i­tor: What has it in­ter­ested her in? The girl mod­estly replied that she is not very good at paint­ing, but in the mu­seum she of­ten vis­its the works of Karakalpak artists, as well as Moscow artists, for whom the East has be­come the main theme in cre­ativ­ity.

– And the woman rep­re­sented in a pic­ture has at­tracted me like a mag­net,

I can't just come off her, – Gultina ad­mit­ted. – This is the artist's wife at the tragic mo­ment when they have lost the child. The hor­ror of this ir­re­place­able loss is trans­ferred very thinly, is even im­per­cep­ti­ble – tragic eyes of the woman tell the black color dom­i­nat­ing on a can­vas about a grief plus. But these feel­ings seize also the viewer; he ad­joins to this mis­for­tune, can't re­main in­dif­fer­ent and em­pathizes him. But in a pic­ture there is also white color and it as if op­ti­mism beams at this ev­ery­day drama. Here is the true tal­ent of the artist, this is real art!

I ad­mit, af­ter these emo­tional words I have for a long time stopped near this van­guard ex­hibit, un­able to tear my eyes away – the mag­netic at­trac­tion of a brush of the out­stand­ing, though not re­ally fa­mous artist should be felt.

From a con­ver­sa­tion with this girl it has be­come clear that she study­ing the 1st aca­demic lyceum at a lo­cal State Univer­sity. She stud­ies per­fect and is an ac­tivist of the Union of Youth of Uzbek­istan par­tic­i­pates in his ac­tions, plays sports. In gen­eral, para­phras­ing a fa­mous winged ex­pres­sion, one can say about her: an ac­tivist, an ex­cel­lent ath­lete. She dreams of be­com­ing a jour­nal­ist, so next year she will go to col­lege or in Nukus, or in Tashkent.

But then our con­ver­sa­tion re­turned to the mu­seum again as well as to its founder.

– Igor Sav­it­sky is the great per­son, – Gultina Pakhrat­di­nova is con­vinced. – He could make bril­liant ca­reer in Moscow, could be­come the fa­mous artist, but has con­nected the life with our amaz­ing re­gion to which «I have sin­cerely stuck» with all the heart. I am also sure that he loved our lit­tle peo­ple with all his heart, in those dis­tant years lost in the sands, and was fas­ci­nated by his art. Af­ter a ti­tanic work, I.Sav­it­sky cre­ated a unique, unique mu­seum of the world scale. And for the sake of his trea­sure to us here, al­most to the ends of the earth, peo­ple come from all over the world.

The elo­quence and sin­cer­ity of the young and nice Karakalpak girl couldn't leave in­dif­fer­ent, forc­ing to con­sider pic­tures again and again, see­ing in each of them «trace» of the founder of the mu­seum giv­ing the col­lec­tor of pic­tures who has be­come in one row with Tretyakov. And Igor Sav­it­sky's child not only «Lou­vre in the desert» as call this unique mu­seum, it also what ti­tanic work of all his life sows rea­son­able, eter­nal, kind in hu­man souls, es­pe­cially in young peo­ple in whom it was also held light and grate­ful mem­ory of him.

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