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We are start­ing the pub­li­ca­tion of a se­ries of ma­te­ri­als on the gas­tro­nomic pref­er­ences of Uzbek­istan’s re­gions. To­day we leave for Khorezm. Lo­cal cui­sine is quite di­etetic, al­though some­times there are also very high-calo­rie meals, floury.

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The most famous dish of Khorezm is tuhum-barak or yu­murta-barak, re­sem­bling vareniki in ap­pear­ance. But the fill­ing is very un­usual: it is a mix­ture of melted but­ter and eggs. Un­like or­di­nary vareniki, you can­not eat much: a few pieces would do. They are hearty and very high in calo­ries. For a long time, if a Khorezm girl is vis­ited at home by those who woo, the dish is served. It is be­lieved that the more vareniki can fit in one spoon, the more skill­ful in cook­ing is the fu­ture daugh­ter-in-law.

Khorezm breads are not at all like Tashkent or Sa­markand ones. They are flat, thin and large in di­am­e­ter. Some­times toma­toes, pep­pers, onions, and meat are added to the bread. Then they have a red­dish hue and a more pro­nounced taste. Very of­ten they are made layered.

Dough in the Khorezm cui­sine is of­ten painted with nat­u­ral dyes. For ex­am­ple, the green lag­man shivit oshi - is stained with dill juice. The dish is served with sour milk that is used as a sauce.

It is im­pos­si­ble not to men­tion Khorezm pi­laf. It is cooked on steam and ex­clu­sively with yel­low car­rots. The most com­monly used is the lo­cal length­ened laser rice va­ri­eties. Pi­laf be­comes dietary.

A lo­cal dish, it­jan, may seem like a gim­mick for guests. It is minced meat, which is not sub­jected to heat treat­ment. The stuff­ing fights off and is served to the ta­ble raw. You never come across such a meal in restau­rants. But, if there is a de­sire to try, you can or­der the dish in­di­vid­u­ally.

We would also like to note Khorezm mel­ons. They are con­sid­ered the sweet­est in Uzbek­istan. An­nu­ally Khiva plays host to a melon fes­ti­val - qovun saili. One of the best va­ri­eties is gur­vak - a thin melon with sweet taste and a magical fra­grance.

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