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To­day we will go to feast on na­tional dishes in Karakalpak­stan. Tra­di­tional cui­sine of Karakalpaks is a kind of mix of Uzbek, Turk­men and Kazakh culi­nary arts.

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As in tra­di­tional Uzbek cui­sine, pi­laf, shurpa, manti, smoke, mash­hurdu are cooked here, but Karakalpak cui­sine has its own char­ac­ter­is­tics.

It is of­ten eaten mostly fried fish, there are whole vil­lages where you can taste tra­di­tion­ally cooked fish dishes. Also use beef, lamb, camel, horse meat, rab­bit meat and poul­try. Es­pe­cially pop­u­lar are com­bi­na­tions of meat and boiled dough. Pork is not used.

Gar­nishes and soups of­ten use ju­gara (the Cen­tral Asian name for sorghum), mung beans, mil­let, beans, rice, pota­toes, bell pep­pers and car­rots.

Food is usu­ally taken with black or green tea, some­times with milk. This tea tra­di­tion takes its roots from the no­madic cul­ture of the Mid­dle Ages. In the dis­tant past, if vis­i­tors came to the house, they were treated with sour milk or ayran. The cus­tom of drink­ing tea spread among the Karakalpaks in the 19th cen­tury.

The most com­mon dishes are gur­tic (besh­bar­mak), ju­gari gur­tic, karma (dough with fish), beef stews (dumplings with egg stuff­ing), more.

One of the most an­cient dishes of Karakalpak­stan are ju­gari gur­tic - dumplings from sorghum and du­ram flour. Du­rama is finely chopped meat with dumplings. Boiled meat is usu­ally finely chopped adult men, and dumplings - the rest are present. Af­ter that finely crushed dumplings and meat are mixed. A ready dish is served on a lya­gan, pour­ing broth over it. To it serve sea­son­ing a du­z­lyk - a mix of a crum­bled onion with fat from a broth. This is a unique Karakalpak dish, not typ­i­cal for the cook­ing of other Cen­tral Asian na­tionz.

Al­most all dishes are served with cakes cooked in a tan­door (clay oven). There is a good Karakalpak tra­di­tion as­so­ci­ated with bread, which it is cus­tom­ary to greet and see off guests is a sign of re­spect to the guest. Break­ing off a small piece of cake, you should thank the hosts and taste re­fresh­ments.

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