A Ques­tion o f Health

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Health is a per­sonal qual­ity. It is unique to each per­son. At the same time, health is a univer­sal qual­ity. In Web­ster' s Dic­tionary, health is de­fined as "the con­di­tion of be­ing sound in mind, body and spirit... free­dom from phys­i­cal dis­ease or pain." The World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion de­fines health as "a state of com­plete phys­i­cal, men­tal and so­cial well-be­ing, not merely the ab­sence of dis­ease or in­fir­mity ." Def­i­ni­tions of "health" have evolved over the years, cen­turies.

Health no longer means the ab­sence of ill­ness, now we are more likely to de­fine it as "the en­ergy to do the things I care about." Wellness is a rel­a­tively new term re­flect­ing the pos­i­tive em­pha­sis on health, it en­com­passes more than phys­i­cal health, it is a state of be­ing with sev­eral in­ter­re­lated di­men­sions.

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