Sci­ence shouldn’t be re­stricted to men

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Sanc­tum: ex­per­i­ment in their labs as pos­si­ble.

In­ner Sanc­tum: Thanks to your achieve­ments at the IBO, the Haûi Phoøng Peo­ple's Com­mit­tee awarded you VNÑ500 mil­lion. Could you tell us how you used the money?

It was quite a large amount of money so I let my par­ents man­age it. I ac­tu­ally don't have any plans for it.

In­ner Sanc­tum: Has you ex­pe­ri­ence at the IBO helped you in col­lege?

It has helped me a lot in terms of bi­ol­ogy and phys­i­ol­ogy knowl­edge as well as ex­per­i­men­tal skills ac­quired dur­ing the prepa­ra­tion time for the IBO.

How­ever, my chem­istry is not very strong be­cause at high school, I pri­ori­tised bi­ol­ogy and in­vested more time in that than other sub­jects.

In­ner Sanc­tum: What are your im­pres­sions of Iran and the in­ter­na­tional con­tes­tants at the IBO?

Be­fore I went to Iran, I thought the coun­try might still be at war so I was ner­vous about go­ing there. How­ever, when I got there, I re­alised that it was ac­tu­ally very peace­ful, and the lo­cals were very friendly and loved Viet­namese peo­ple.

For the con­tes­tants this year, I found them very di­verse. Some were re­ally good at both the­ory and ex­per­i­ments like those from China, who ranked very high in the com­pe­ti­tion. How­ever, there were also some who were not very well pre­pared. Many of the con­tes­tants were com­pet­ing at the IBO for the first time.

It was in­ter­est­ing to no­tice that the con­tes­tants were not only good at sci­ence but also very tal­ented. They could play mu­si­cal in­stru­ments, sing and play sports very well. It was re­ally im­pres­sive.

In­ner Sanc­tum: One of the four tests at the IBO re­quired con­tes­tants to ex­per­i­ment on leeches to iden­tify their or­gans and an­swer ques­tions. Were you in­tim­i­dated?

When I trained with the na­tional team, I had the chance to do ex­per­i­ment on dif­fer­ent an­i­mals in­clud­ing sev­eral types of worms, so I was not in­tim­i­dated. I was just a bit sur­prised.

In­ner Sanc­tum: Be­sides the ef­forts of the stu­dents them­selves, the teach­ers also play a role in their suc­cess. Can you tell us about your bi­ol­ogy teacher at high school?

What I like the most about my teacher, Ms Höôøng, is her sense of in­ti­macy. She was the first teacher I ever felt close to.

Like other teach­ers, she de­voted lots of time for us. She called and mes­saged me a lot to sup­port me while I was at the train­ing ses­sion to pre­pare for the IBO.

In­ner Sanc­tum: Many peo­ple still think that sci­ence is for men, not women. What do you think about this per­cep­tion?

I think this is an old way of think­ing. I must ad­mit that there are more suc­cess­ful men in nat­u­ral sciences than women. How­ever, there are women who out­per­form men. I think suc­cess­ful sci­en­tists are those who are per­sis­tent, cre­ative and have a great sense of cu­rios­ity and ex­plo­ration in their jobs. And I think those char­ac­ter­is­tics are not gen­der or age spe­cific. VNS

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