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Oi speaks to Mai Thu Ha and Ha Ngoc Thu Hien, founders of Bed & Pet-first Dog Villa, Saigon’s first luxury accommodat­ions for furkids

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Tell us the inspiratio­n behind Bed & Petfirst Dog Villa?

When we opened in June 2016, the main reason came from a personal need to take care of my three French bulldogs. I found it quite difficult to raise them correctly in terms of exercising, nutrition and boarding. Especially with dog boarding because oftentimes in Vietnam, specifical­ly in HCMC, most of the boarding places are a combinatio­n of clinic and dog boarding, which bring up two issues: health contaminat­ion and the pets’ needs are not prioritize­d enough. With the increasing need to travel these days, a reliable pet hotel that provides full services to our furkids is in high demand, this is when our idea of the first high-end pet hotel in Vietnam started. We, the dog lovers, need to feel safe and at ease when we leave our furkids to a strange place because we all know pets are not just pets, they are family members and carry so much love with them. The name is taken with the meaning that we provide a really good bed for your pet, and everything about them comes first.

Can you describe your services, facilities and the VIP rooms?

Our signature services include:

• Dog Day Care: Drop off your pet during your working hours.

• Dog Boarding: With several room types (basic, superior, deluxe, suites and studio) that include cameras in all the rooms so owners can actually talk and hear their pets while traveling. Music is also provided in the rooms to reduce their anxiety from being away from home.

• Special food prepared if customers request it

• Dog walking (also provides at home)

• Dog pick-up (by car and motorbike)

• Do-it-yourself washing area where owners can come in and bathe their pets

• A photo studio

• We also do grooming, bathing and have a well-stocked pet shop

How do you ensure the safety of the dogs within the pack?

The dogs are separated into similar categories during our playtime.

The main categories are size, breed, duration of stay (pet that stay longer with us tend to be more comfortabl­e with us than the ones that are new), and their style of playing (aggressive or passive). The playground area are fenced and under supervisio­n at all time to ensure their safety.

What training does the staff go through to better understand how to handle dogs?

Each staff has to go through a basic training course where we provide knowledge of how to interact and approach dogs. For example, always approach the dog from the front not behind, let them come to you first, ect... They also have all basic knowledge of dog's health and to recognize any abnormal behaviors that need attention.

If there’s a medical emergency, what procedures do you have in placed?

We have our in-house veterinari­an that is in charge of checking their health twice a day, every day, in order to catch any abnormalit­y early. We will report immediatel­y to the owners if there is anything that needs to be addressed. In cases of medical emergencie­s, if time allows, we will contact the owners to get their decision. If not, we will bring the pet to the owner's preferred clinic that they noted before check-in. If time doesn’t allow, then we will bring the pet to the most convenient clinic that we can find in the area.

Do you also take care of cats?

Yes, we do

Are there any future plans of expanding to other districts or cities?

Definitely, our plan is to make Bed and Pet-first the first leading pet hotel brand in Vietnam.

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