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Tell us some of your favorite adoption stories.


One of the more popular adoption stories that touched so many of our hearts was the rescue, rehabilita­tion and adoption of a dog named Lucky. She had escaped a dog meat facility and needed extensive medical care and a lot of rehabilita­tion training (all documented on the ARC Facebook page). After more than a year of working with her, we’re so happy to report she’s living the good life now in Germany.

Linus the cat came to ARC at a young age and had lost the use of both back legs. Despite this, he was determined to move around and would drag himself around the cat house using only his forelegs. A wonderful family recognized that Linus’ chances of being adopted were very low, and so they brought Linus to their home to meet their four other rescue cats. Linus was tough and determined to play and move about just like their other cats and, month after month, he got stronger and learn how to maneuver his body so that he could be more independen­t. Today, Linus has regained a surprising amount of control back in his hind legs. He’s still got a funky froggy-legged walk, but he’s able to use the litterbox without a mess and walk on all fours again!

Bi’s story is great because it really shows how, sometimes, animals actually choose to adopt you! A young Canadian couple were traveling through HCMC and spent a few days volunteeri­ng with the dogs. They were speaking with our dog coordinato­r, Regine, when suddenly Bi walked over and sat right next to them. Bi was normally quite shy and this was very uncharacte­ristic of him. They instantly fell in love with him, and took it as a sign that he was the right dog for them. Despite having a flight to catch, this couple worked closely with ARC and Saigon Pet Hospital to arrange Bi’s transporta­tion. Thanks to a flight volunteer, Bi joined his new family in Canada not long after. This wonderful couple is actually considerin­g adopting another ARC dog right now!

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