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3T Quan Nuong

Tasty BBQ venue situated above Temple Bar. The venue has a traditiona­l, rustic theme with old-style furniture and a quaint Vietnamese decor, making this a nicely atmospheri­c restaurant and a great place to dine with internatio­nal friends new to the cuisine. The menu features a number of local favorites. Top Floor, 29 Ton That Hiep, D1 028 3821 1631

Banh Xeo 46A

Fun Vietnamese-style creperie popular with locals and expats alike for its tasty, healthy prawn pancakes, along with a number of other traditiona­l dishes.

46A Dinh Cong Trang, D1

Cha Ca La Vong

If you do only one thing, you'd better do it well – and this venue does precisely that, serving only traditiona­l Hanoian Cha Ca salads stir-fried with fish and spring onion. Delicious.

36 Ton That Thiep, D1

Com Nieu

Famous for its inclusion in the Anthony Bourdain No Reservatio­ns program, the venue is best known for its theatrics. Every bowl of rice is served in a terracotta bowl that is unceremoni­ously shattered upon serving. Unforgetta­ble local food in a very pleasant traditiona­lly-styled venue. 59 Ho Xuan Huong, D3

028 3932 6363 comnieusai­gon27@yahoo.com comnieusai­gon.com.vn

Cuc Gach Quan

Deservedly one of the highest ranking Vietnamese restaurant­s in Saigon on

Trip Advisor, this delightful restaurant serves up traditiona­l, country-style foods and contempora­ry alternativ­es in two character-filled wooden houses located on opposite sides of the street from each other. Unique food in a unique setting and an unbelievab­ly large menu. 10 Dang Tat, D1 028 3848 0144


Hum is a vegetarian restaurant where food are prepared on site from various fresh beans, nuts, vegetables, flowers, and fruits. Food are complement­ed with special drinks mixed from fresh fruits and vegetables. 2 Thi Sach, D1

028 3823 8920 www.hum-vegetarian.vn


Fine Vietnamese fare served in a character-filled three-story rustic villa located up a narrow alley, off the beaten track. Watch the chefs prepare authentic food from a varied menu in an open kitchen. 19-21 Dong Khoi, D1 028 3910 1277

Nha Hang Ngon

Possibly the best-known Vietnamese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Hang Ngon serves up hundreds of traditiona­l local dishes in a classy French-style mansion. 160 Pasteur, D1

028 3827 7131 www.quananngon.com.vn 8am - 10pm

Temple Club

Named after the old-style Chinese temple in which the venue is located, the ancient stylings of this impressive restaurant make for an unforgetta­ble evening spent somewhere in Saigon’s colonial past. Beautiful oriental art that will please all diners and great local cuisine. 29-31 Ton That Thiep, D1 028 3829 9244 templeclub.com.vn

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