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An Empire State of Mind at Café In


The team that brought Sạp Concept Store to Vietnam is now about to invest further in the restaurant sector with an exciting new opening at M Plaza on the Nguyen Du side. In Latin, Ardeo means to burn and to be in love. It perfectly symbolises the Italian passion for cooking with temperatur­e, both low and high. Inspired by global cuisine movements and adapted to regional contexts, Ardeō is excited to offer a truly cosmopolit­an twist by sharing unique stories through its menu, infused with the best local ingredient­s. The Ardeō culinary concept promises a contempora­ry eatery experience in a sensuous atmosphere. Fuelled by a burning enthusiasm for culinary craftsmans­hip, the restaurant will showcase the products of both hearth and hands. High-quality ingredient­s are set to be an integral part of the food, united with advanced cooking techniques intended to highlight artisanal values that permeate through every dish they prepare. Tel: (+84) 961 745 671

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