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A Healthy Drink for The Epidemic Season


An ancient drink is making a re-appearance, especially among the health-conscious. Kombucha was first recorded over 2,000 years ago but is becoming increasing­ly popular as an alternativ­e to sweetened soft drinks. Star Kombucha’s fruit flavoured drinks lead the way.

Kombucha is hot stuff at the moment, drunk by those in the know for its health benefits and zestful taste, but it’s actually been around for years. In fact, it first appeared in biblical times, around 2,000 years ago, in the Far East. Some say it was a toss-up whether the Three Wise Men gifted gold, frankincen­se and myrrh or bottles of this health-imbuing elixir.

So what exactly is kombucha, and why’s it all the rage at present? It’s actually a fermented drink made from natural ingredient­s such as tea, sugar cane and something called a scoby seed which is a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast. As well as adding a distinct flavour, when foods are fermented, sugars and carbohydra­tes are broken down under the effect of probiotics, thereby helping the body process nutrients well and eliminate harmful substances. It’s similar to brewing beer, but a lot healthier.

The fermentati­on of Kombucha from tea and scoby seed usually takes between 7-30 days done at room temperatur­es around 20-29°C. This helps to produce a large number of probiotics - one of the beneficial bacteria in the gut. As a result, kombucha helps maintain the stability of the immune system that prevents inflammati­on as well as aiding with digestion. Experts tell us that about 70-80% of immune cells are located in the intestinal tract and probiotics are the ‘weapons’ of protecting our gut. Keeping them healthy helps to keep us healthy, which is something we should all be focusing on during the Covid epedemic.

But it gets better. More than being a stronghold for boosting immune health, Kombucha is also considered a digestive enzyme that helps increase the number of beneficial Bifida bacteria in the intestine by producing natural organic acids. We’ve got no idea what Bifida bacteria are either but apparently, they are really good at increasing the resistance of the intestines. This helps reduce the risk of digestive diseases such as constipati­on, intestinal infections, digestive disorders, and treat ulcers of the intestines and stomach, and we know that’s important for our health.

Star Kombucha was the first kombucha brand in Vietnam to be produced according to US standards and formulas, certified by FDA. These standards are important when it comes to our health, so they quickly positioned themselves as a market leader among Vietnamese consumers, especially the young and those interested in healthy drinks. Star Kombucha also tastes great which certainly help with its popularity. Although kombucha on its own can taste a little sour, Star Kombucha comes in a choice of 12 natural fruit and herb flavours which help people get used to the sourness. Once they do, many find they love the zesty tang of this nutritious drink and find it more appealing than the sugary alternativ­es.

Of course, with local consumers becoming more interested in living a healthy lifestyle, many are actively looking for safe and healthy foods, especially during the current unpredicta­ble epidemic. In addition to keeping your immune system fully in check, and your Bifida bacteria happy and healthy, Kombucha has many other benefits such as helping to reduce weight, keep you fit, rejuvenate your skin, purify the body, bring a source of youthful energy. It might not quite be the elixir of life, but it’s not far off either.

You can actually make kombucha at home if you can find someone to give you a starter scoby, but it can be difficult to control the nutritiona­l quality, temperatur­e and things like that. You might also be concerned about the correct food hygiene and safety conditions if you’re kitchen isn’t spotlessly clean. So if you want to give it a try, check out Star Kombucha. You can find a choice of their flavours at stores such as Co.opmart, GS25, Annam Gourmet and Aeon Mall, or order it directly from their company website and e-commerce store.

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