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How Delicious are Your Fruits?


Greece has launched the Delicious Fruits initiative so Asian consumers can be confident their fruit is fresh, healthy and delectably delicious.

There is little more tempting than deliciousl­y ripe fruit, fresh from the tree and full of natural goodness. But as consumers become more savvy, there is growing concern about chemical pesticides and preservati­ves in what they choose to eat. Many find themselves wondering just how fresh their fruit actually is.

While Europe implements the strictest quality and control standards throughout all of the production stages, the same can’t always be claimed in other parts of the world. To help reassure consumers, and promote their fresh fruit products, a promotiona­l campaign has been launched by Greece with financial aid provided by the European Union.

Delicious Fruits was launched on September 1 2020 and will run in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam until the end of August 2023. Concentrat­ing on apples and kiwis grown particular­ly in Northern Greece, the programme will help raise awareness of the high standards applied to production methods, all of which are fully compliant with internatio­nally recognised standards. Of course, the initiative will also emphasise the natural benefits, taste and quality of fruits grown in Greece under the glowing Mediterran­ean sun.

Greece has a centuries-old reputation for growing mouthwater­ing, flavourful fruit, closely interwoven with its Mediterran­ean culture and way of life. Over the years, the country has developed some of the most efficient and effective ways of cultivatio­n that enable them to produce high-quality fruit that win the respect and admiration of consumers globally.

The Delicious Fruits programme has been pioneered by The Associatio­n of Imathia’s Agricultur­al Cooperativ­es, a Northern Greece associatio­n of fruit producers based in the Prefecture of Imathia. Along with its eight founder members who have joined forces to develop their production and promotion potential, the organisati­on has a long tradition of cultivatin­g and processing premium quality fresh fruit.

Fruit is a delicious and important part of our daily diet. Kiwis and apples from Delicious Fruits are crunchy, juicy and sweet-tasting, with a refreshing aftertaste, intense colours and rich aromas. All of nature’s goodness captured in every bite, and with confidence that they are fresh and safe for you and your family.

More informatio­n about Delicious Fruits can be found on their website: deliciousf­ruits.eu

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