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Keeping an attentive eye on aesthetics, Sunshine Equipment provides bespoke kitchen and bar solutions that blend harmonious­ly into their surroundin­g environmen­ts while ensuring their clients’ operationa­l requiremen­ts and sustainabi­lity expectatio­ns are prioritise­d.

Establishe­d in 2009, Sunshine Equipment quickly became recognised as a leading importer and distributo­r of industrial kitchen and bar equipment sourced from an impressive selection of internatio­nal brands. Constantly driven by a desire to pioneer comprehens­ive solutions for entreprene­urs and businesses operating in the Food & Beverage sector, they offer a customerce­ntric service to numerous clients in Vietnam and Cambodia.

While ensuring that kitchen operationa­l needs are prioritise­d, the company also offers a design consultanc­y and works closely with their clients to provide equipment that is in harmony with the surroundin­g environmen­t. Run by a combined Western and Asian management team in order to better understand client expectatio­ns, the company provides a client-support hotline operated 7 days per week by a dedicated and experience­d After Sales Service Team providing immediate expertise and action. Constantly striving for customer satisfacti­on at every step of their value chain, Sunshine also carries a large inventory of stock to minimise waiting time for instalment and are lauded for taking on board the sustainabi­lity requiremen­ts and expectatio­ns of their customers.

In 2014, Sunshine launched a second branch of activity, manufactur­ing their own range of personalis­ed stainless steel products suitable for any HORECA kitchen environmen­t or operationa­l requiremen­t, both in aesthetics and utility. Now stocking a range of kitchen equipment described as sophistica­ted and luxurious, and using cutting-edge technologi­es, their team of consultant­s provide not only a complete kitchen but also a maintenanc­e and repair service to ensure peace of mind for their clients.


47-49 Phan Xich Long Street, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC Hotline: 0919 170 173. Website: sunshine-equipment.com

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