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A True Taste of The Tropics


There’s a heavenly place on a beach in Vietnam where a lover of artisan rums can find themselves a haven as the sun starts to set and the night draws in. It’s a place where a group of friends mixed their passion for rum with a love of Vietnam to create traditiona­lly aged sugar-cane rums infused with the spirit of the tropics.

Located on the seafront, Distilleri­e d’indochine combines 35 years of experience in the field of wines and spirits to produce their range of white and soon aged Rhum’s under the watchful guidance of Antoine Poircuitte, their Master Distiller. The sugar cane used to distill their rums is sourced from within a 40km radius of the distillery and is delivered within 12 hours of harvest to ensure maximum freshness and the highest quality juice.

Sampan white rums are distilled using a traditiona­l French column still, and their portfolio includes a double gold medalwinni­ng 54% Overproof white rum with aromatic notes of white flowers and violets, like being immersed in a sugar cane plantation. Recently also awarded best Asian rum at the ISS in 2020, they are now distribute­d in over 15 countries. Sampan rums are the perfect choice for a sundowner cocktail and the tropical flavours of a rum-based drink. Have a tour of the distillery during your next trip in Hoi An!

Distilled just metres from the beach and made from 100% pure sugar cane juice, Sampan rums combine years of passion, dedication and expertise to capture the sundappled essence and aromas of Vietnam’s tropics in a bottle.

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