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Anna Princena and Kelly Wong

From MO Bar are The Winners of the Remy Martin Barrel Aged Cocktail Competitio­n 2020 with a Savvy Salt-crusted Creation



Bar supervisor Anna Princena and junior bartender Kelly Wong from MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental Singapore were not the most experience­d contestant­s, but they had the most inspired collaborat­ion.

Using flavours that they liked from their childhood, they drew on Cognac’s history as a salt and wine trading region, as well as Wong’s background in Chinese cooking to come up with the idea of a salt-crusted barrel aged cocktail. The theme of this year’s competitio­n was Team Up For Excellence, and they beat out 30 other contestant­s to win the top prize of a bartending internatio­nal guest shift, which is currently on hold.

Disclaimer: epicure’s contributi­ng wine editor, June Lee, served on the panel of judges for the contest.


(This twist on the Sidecar cocktail originally involved a salt-crusted 5L barrel. The following recipe has been simplified for readers at home)

• 50ml banana-infused Remy Martin VSOP

• 20ml fresh lemon juice

• 20ml Cointreau

• 5ml banana liqueur

• 3 drops chocolate bitters

• 3 drops saline solution (salt dissolved in hot water)

• (optional) Garnish with salted caramel candy (store bought)

Combine all ingredient­s except garnish in a mixing glass filled with ice, and stir to your ideal dilution. Strain and serve in a stemmed glass over a large ice.

For banana-infused Remy Martin

• 1 bottle of Remy Martin VSOP

• 5 pieces of banana or a mix of bananas and banana chips

Sous vide for seven hours until desired level of flavour is achieved.

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