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From Australia, one of the fullest range of non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ have landed in Singapore. Lyre’s (named after the Oz lyrebird, a mimic) offers alternativ­es in the form of London Dry Spirit, White Cane Spirit, American Malt, Italian Orange, Aperitif Rosso, Coffee Originale, Spiced Cane Spirit, Orange Sec, Aperitif Dry and more, which makes it easy to swap ingredient­s when making the usual or low/no ABV cocktails and drinks. The company uses extracts and distillate­s derived from fruits, spices, nuts, seeds and botanicals, to achieve the elusive mouthfeel and warmth that alcohol imparts to cocktails. No-hangover coffee martinis, Aperol spritzes and Negronis are easier to enjoy at home with the range (RRP $59 each) expected to reach Market Place and select Cold Storage stores in early April.

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