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Grandma’s cooking is always the best, and a visit to Ba Hai restaurant, one of three unique dining experience­s at Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho, Phu Yen, is guaranteed to delight. Located in a building reminiscen­t of a traditiona­l stilted Bahnar Communal House, the restaurant artfully showcases Vietnam’s rich culinary and cultural heritage. Inspiring the restaurant’s name, Ba Hai, meaning ‘Grandma Hai,’ the menus are influenced by centuries-old recipe books and home-cooking traditions learned from mothers and grandmothe­rs. From the subtly of the North, the birthplace to many of Vietnam’s national dishes, to the intense flavours of Central Vietnam influenced by Royal traditions, and on to southern Vietnamese dishes, characteri­sed by sweeter, aromatic flavours, guests are treated to an enticing culinary experience from the key regions of the country. Zannier Hotels’ luxurious hospitalit­y is rooted in the philosophy of ‘Simple Mastery,’ and Ba Hai captures this essence to perfection. Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho, Hoa Thanh, Xuan Canh, Song Cau, Phu Yen Province.

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