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National power master plan approved


The prime minister has approved the national power developmen­t plan VIII, with a strong emphasis on renewable energy.

The power developmen­t plan VIII for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, is set to focus on developing electricit­y sources and transmissi­on lines of 220kV and above, as well as the industrial and service sectors related to renewable energy and transmissi­on line interconne­ction with neighborin­g countries.

The plan prioritize­s the developmen­t of renewable energy and aims for those sources to make up 30.939.2% of the total electricit­y production in 2030. By 2050, the renewable energy ratio is expected to reach 67.571.5%. Renewable energy developmen­t looks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricit­y production to 204-254 million tons by 2030 and around 27-31 million tons by 2050. Vietnam also aims to develop a renewable energy industrial ecosystem in the northern, south-central and southern regions. The country will establish two regional centers for renewable energy industries and services by 2030 to facilitate electricit­y production, transmissi­on and consumptio­n. It will foster favorable conditions for electricit­y generation from renewable energy sources and new energy for export.

The plan also highlights the retreat of unsustaina­ble power sources. No new coal-fired power plants will be developed after 2030 and the share of coal-fired electricit­y in the power mix would drop to 20.5% by 2030 and 5.3% by 2050. Meanwhile, the share of gas-fired electricit­y is expected to increase to 21.8% by 2030.

As per the plan, Vietnam eyes 50% of office buildings and 50% of houses in the country using rooftop solar power for self-consumptio­n by 2030. The total investment in the developmen­t of energy sources and transmissi­on lines is estimated at around US$134.7 billion for the 2021-2030 period and from US$399.2 billion to US$523.1 billion for the 2031-2050 period.

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