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Dear edi­tor,

IT IS shock­ing that an ed­u­cated man dressed in African at­tire could still be used as an agent of im­pe­ri­al­ists in this era of wide­spread in­de­pen­dence among African states.

Pro­fes­sor Ibrahim Gam­bari is a worst im­pe­ri­al­ist agent I have come to know, if I was Com­mon­wealth, I would have fired the man the first day he was ap­pointed be­cause he has failed to hide his ul­te­rior mo­tive that of paint­ing Zam­bia as a failed state.

How do we al­low this ed­u­cated lumpen to come and re­con­sti­tute in­sti­tu­tions of gov­er­nance that are work­ing? Who told this sell out that we have failed to solve our own po­lit­i­cal is­sues? Does he re­alise that the UPND are a bunch of hyp­ocrites that create a scene and cry out mas­sively as though they have been bit­ten by a snake? That the UPND want to use ev­ery op­por­tu­nity to paint Zam­bia black?

Ac­tu­ally pro­fes­sor Gam­bari seems to be a lab­o­ra­tory man not a man that has done re­search in the field. He says that he has had meet­ings with the church, House of Chiefs, the op­po­si­tion, civil so­ci­ety and the gov­ern­ment, yet his tone sug­gests that he only spoke to HH and team, and other frus­trated in­di­vid­u­als. What kind of non­sense is this?. The only re­course we have is that he is deal­ing with a com­pe­tent team led by Pres­i­dent Edgar Lungu. If he Gam­bari thinks that he has found easy cus­tomers in Pres­i­dent Edgar and his team ow­ing to the way they are tol­er­at­ing him so far, he will be shocked. Zam­bia is gov­erned by laws. He must ask Mmusi Maimane of South Africa and his sis­ter Zodwa Wa­bantu, he will go faster than he came in. I'm glad that Hon Given Lu­binda has al­ready started rais­ing the flag. I know that he will not al­low Gam­bari and his pay masters to have a field day in Zam­bia. We don't have time to start sit­ting and dis­cussing why UPND lost elec­tions when we know that they are not trusted by Zam­bians, so what can Gam­bari do with his vil­lage tac­tics? Force the Zam­bian peo­ple to trust UPND? God for­bids. I think we have taken our diplo- macy too far as a coun­try. It is high time we showed firm­ness to tourists like Gam­bari. This hu­man be­ing is writ­ing his own pay cheque by try­ing to create an im­pres­sion that Zam­bian peace is at risk be­cause HH has lost elec­tions 5 times and they are head­ing to an­other clear de­feat in 2021. Tay­ali is right, Gam­bari is here to cam­paign for UPND. Can he suc­ceed? No. He has only suc­ceeded in cheat­ing his pay masters that he is on track. If his team of some dis­grun­tled el­e­ments in our coun­try have not told him how sharp we are as a peo­ple, he will soon learn. I can only wish him well. Enock Kapi­tolo chulu Lusaka

Pro­fes­sor Ibrahim Gam­bari

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