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CHISHIMBA Kamb­wili will never cease to amaze the na­tion with his toxic rant­ings that all but prove that he is noth­ing but an empty drum. But then, is his be­hav­iour strange? Much as he might want to por­tray him­self as an in­tel­lec­tual gi­ant and a force on the po­lit­i­cal front, his be­hav­iour falls short of what is ex­pected of a na­tional leader. Yes­ter­day, Mr Kamb­wili, the so-called con­sul­tant of the Na­tional Demo­cratic Congress (NDC) had a press briefing rant­ing about the plot by the Pa­tri­otic Front to re­move him from the po­lit­i­cal scene. For all the foul lan­guage that he con­tin­ues to use against the PF lead­er­ship, Mr Kamb­wili is the party’s Roan Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment. He has re­fused to re­lin­quish the seat af­ter be­ing ex­pelled from the party and has taken the case to the courts of law. But as we noted a few days ago in one of our ed­i­to­ri­als, Mr Kamb­wili was now in panic mode. Why? It is now ob­vi­ous that re­al­ity has fi­nally caught up with the em­bat­tled Pa­tri­otic Front Roan Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment that he can­not have it both ways. He can­not claim to be want­ing to at­tend the Na­tional Di­a­logue on the ticket of a dif­fer­ent party - NDC - when legally he is a mem­ber of the PF. Surely, does one need the Con­sti­tu­tional Court to rule whether Mr Kamb­wili is el­i­gi­ble to at­tend the Na­tional Di­a­logue if not un­der the aus­pices of the PF? He is a per­son who is in the po­lit­i­cal wilder­ness be­cause he does not know where he be­longs. It is now clear for all to see that Mr Kamb­wili is in panic mode be­cause the prospects of him not at­tend­ing the Jan­uary 18 na­tional di­a­logue in Lusaka are very real. And what is com­ing out is what we have al­ways said about the man, that he is an in­tel­lec­tual midget who has no ca­pac­ity to un­der­stand is­sues and rea­son. As we noted, for the past year, Mr Kamb­wili has be­haved as though he was the most in­tel­li­gent and sea­soned politi­cian ever since he was ex­pelled from the PF. With false bravado, he dis­puted his ex­pul­sion from the PF and sub­se­quent loss of the Roan par­lia­men­tary seat by tak­ing his case to the courts of law. He has since con­tin­ued to at­tend par­lia­men­tary ses­sions, en­joy­ing all the priv­i­leges that go with be­ing a mem­ber of that Au­gust house. At his press briefing yes­ter­day, Mr Kamb­wili was as typ­i­cal of him play­ing to the gallery, de­scrib­ing those in gov­ern­ment as thieves who are try­ing to stop him from at­tend­ing the di­a­logue. He said they were afraid be­cause he was go­ing to ex­pose their cor­rupt deeds. He again showed his in­tel­lec­tual flaws when he con­tin­ued in­sist­ing that the Jan­uary 18 gath­er­ing was a na­tional di­a­logue open to all Zam­bians. No, Mr Kamb­wili, if that is your un­der­stand­ing, then you have missed the point com­pletely – which is not sur­pris­ing any­way. PF deputy me­dia di­rec­tor An­to­nio Mwanza the other day tried to ex­plain to Mr Kamb­wili that only party pres­i­dents and their re­spec­tive sec­re­tary-gen­er­als would be al­lowed to at­tend the meet­ing. Surely, how would the PF stop him from at­tend­ing the Na­tional Di­a­logue when he does not qual­ify to at­tend in the first place? Mr Kamb­wili con­tin­ues to want to show that the gov­ern­ment is full of thieves. He con­ve­niently does not men­tion that those he ac­cuses of be­ing thieves and cor­rupt are not fac­ing any crim­i­nal charges in court that in­clude forgery and ut­ter­ing. But then, that is how hyp­ocrites be­have. They can only see the faults of oth­ers, and not their short­com­ings.

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