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A re­sult of be­ing bul­lied by his peers, a young Sher­lock Holmes vows to be emo­tion­less and solve crimes. After tak­ing re­venge on his bul­lies, Holmes meets and be­friends a young John Wat­son. Years later, Holmes is viewed as a leg­endary de­tec­tive.

Both he and Wat­son are to view the trial of  Pro­fes­sor James Mo­ri­arty, but are tem­po­rar­ily way­laid by a pack­age sent by Mo­ri­arty and brought to them by their house­keeper, Mrs. Hud­son. Once at the trial, Holmes de­clares that the man on trial is not Mo­ri­arty and is in­stead some­one named Ja­cob Mus­graves, who is in­ca­pable of com­mit­ting the mur­ders due to tremors in his hand caused by ex­ces­sive mas­tur­ba­tion. De­spite un­suc­cess­ful at­tempts by In­spec­tor Lestrade to con­vince Holmes that his de­duc­tion is in­cor­rect, Holmes is con­vinced that Mo­ri­arty is cur­rently trav­el­ing to the United States.

After the trial the duo travel to Buck­ing­ham Palace to at­tend a sur­prise party, where they dis­cover a corpse in­side of a birth­day cake along with a mes­sage from Mo­ri­arty, stat­ing that  Queen Vic­to­ria will die in two days' time. Dur­ing the au­topsy Holmes and Wat­son meet Dr. Grace Hart and the feral Mil­lie.

Wat­son and Holmes be­come en­am­ored with Grace and Mil­lie, re­spec­tively. By the end of the au­topsy Wat­son de­clares that the corpse's death is in­de­ter­minable, while Holmes be­lieves that the per­son was poi­soned. Fur­ther­more, he be­lieves that the poi­son came from Gus­tav Cringer. The pair even­tu­ally lo­cate Cringer, who is in­deed in league with Mo­ri­arty. Be­fore Cringer can re­veal any­thing, he is mur­dered.

Holmes de­cides that he must seek help from his brother My­croft, who tells him that the mur­derer is some­one close to him. Holmes mis­tak­enly be­lieves Wat­son to be the mur­derer and has him ar­rested. He comes to re­gret this de­ci­sion, caus­ing his emo­tions to re­turn. Holmes goes to Wat­son's cell, only to find it empty save for a plate filled with red vel­vet cake crumbs. De­duc­ing that his house­keeper made the cake and that Wat­son left the crumbs to send him a mes­sage, he tracks Wat­son and Mrs.

Hud­son, who is re­vealed to be Mo­ri­arty's daugh­ter, to the Ti­tanic, where the mur­der of the Queen is to take place. After apol­o­giz­ing to and free­ing Wat­son, they rush to the main room where they dis­cover a bomb, which Wat­son throws out a win­dow. The bomb lands in Mrs. Hud­son's boat, killing her.

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