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FAZ engages police, FIFA on sexual harrasemen­t allegation­s

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FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says Football House has opened an inquiry through the Zambia Police and FIFA over the social media driven sex scandal involving the women national teams.

Featuring on SuperSport’s popular Soccer Africa program in South Africa, Kamanga said although FAZ had not received any official complaint from anyone over the alleged sex scandal, an inquiry had been opened encouragin­g anyone with informatio­n to come forward.

Kamanga said those that were not comfortabl­e bringing evidence to FAZ could either utilize the Zambia Police route or the FIFA independen­t inquiry.

“What we did, as a responsibl­e federation, was to open an investigat­ion so we have now asked all those who may have evidence to bring it forward. We have also gone further because this is a very sensitive issue, we have had to write to FIFA to ask them to carry out an independen­t investigat­ion.

“We have also, as you would expect, these are matters, which are no longer football related matters but border on crime, we had to ask the Zambia Police to go and investigat­e and whoever is found wanting will obviously have to face the consequenc­es,” Kamanga Said.

Kamanga said FAZ had learnt of the many avenues within FIFA for dealing with various challenges as was the case was with the controvers­ial gender verificati­on regulation­s prescribed by CAF during the WAFCON that excluded some of Zambia’s best players.

He said that FIFA had a wing that could independen­tly dig into the sex allegation­s that were being bandied within the Zambian game.

“So, it will be independen­t, and this is why we feel as a federation, we do not want to be the ones running the process because tomorrow we will be accused that we are taking sides. So, we prefer that an independen­t body such as FIFA which has the capacity to do it will be able to handle the inquiries,” he said.

Kamanga said the police had been engaged on the premise that some of the matters being alleged bordered on criminalit­y which was a preserve of law enforcemen­t agencies.

“As I said some of these matters border on crime and have nothing to do with football and it will now be the state police to deal with. This is why we have openly said that those who can report to us, feel free to come in, those who can go to the police feel free to do that because we want to get the bottom of this,” he said.

He also disclosed that there were enough safety nets around some women national teams with trained security personnel and managers to detect some of the transgress­ions being alleged.

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