The To­bacco In­dus­try Post the E-Cig­a­rette Era

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Now that there has been mas­sive school in­fra­struc­ture built, it’s about time that more at­ten­tion has to be paid to the qual­ity of the ed­u­ca­tion be­ing of­fered. The abil­ity to read and write means a bet­ter chance to eco­nomic in­clu­sion, a bet­ter chance to be­come a global cit­i­zen and if on av­er­age the qual­ity im­proves, bet­ter de­ci­sion mak­ing at all lev­els will be at­tained. By Derek Na­minda

EV­ERY now and then I get a data set that I don’t know at first what to do with it but as soon as I start an­a­lyz­ing, it takes me to places that I had not imag­ined. Such as read­ing a book that you thought wasn’t in­ter­est­ing and two three pages in, you find your­self im­mersed in a plot that you for­got you are a reader but start to think that you are part of the plot. That is what hap­pened with the data that in­formed the rest of this ar­ti­cle.

Full dis­clo­sure; I do not smoke! The clos­est I came to smok­ing as a teen was when I was hav­ing a prob­lem of my life, right af­ter writ­ing my last pa­per in grade 12, my world came crum­bling. You know the teen stuff where you think ev­ery­thing is the end of the world. I felt as if I could not breath prop­erly and for some rea­son, thought smok­ing would help me breath prop­erly. I bought a cig­a­rette. A con­sulate men­thol, I be­lieve! In those few min­utes of that de­ci­sion, be­tween buy­ing and light­ing it, I paused! Some­thing in­side told me that if I smoked this one time, I would smoke ev­ery time I was stressed for the rest of my life. I threw the cig­a­rette away. To this day, have a pho­to­graphic me­mory of the cig­a­rette land­ing in a pool of run­ning wa­ter. E-Cig­a­rette.

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