USD63trn is just how much debt is there in the world...

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Ac­cord­ing to the United Na­tions of Debt pub­li­ca­tion, there ex­ists $USD63tril­lion worth of global debt. Ideally, gov­ern­ments should be bor­row­ing money to cover short-term bud­get deficits or to fi­nance mis­sion crit­i­cal projects how­ever this hasn’t been the case. Na­tions are run­ning con­stant fis­cal deficits as the nor­mal course of busi­ness, and are ac­cu­mu­lat­ing more debt plus in­ter­est that ul­ti­mately then erodes the value of lo­cal and the global economies over time.

“Debt Creep” is best il­lus­trated by the ma­jor pow­ers, namely the US, China, Ja­pan, France and Italy es­pe­cially when one as­sesses two ma­jor mea­sures namely:

1.) Share of global debt (%) as a per­cent­age. And;

2.) Debt-to- GDP ra­tio’s. Com­bined, these five (5) coun­tries to­gether hold 66% of the world’s debt in nominal terms; a to­tal of $USD41.6tril­lion.

Ja­pan leads the Debt-to- GDP ra­tio at a stag­ger­ing 239% fol­lowed by Greece, Le­banon, Italy and Por­tu­gal. See be­low a break­down as per vis­ual.

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