08 OCT - 22 OCT

Zambian Business Times - - COMMODITIE­S -


Zam­bia heav­ily re­lies on im­por­ta­tion of Fuel as it is not an oil pro­duc­ing coun­try. Crude oil on the global mar­kets is priced in dol­lars. Hence an ad­verse performanc­e of the Kwacha makes it ex­pen­sive to pur­chase im­ports de­nom­i­nated in a for­eign cur­rency.

The is­sue of volatil­ity in crude oil and hence fuel prices is not just a mat­ter of con­cern to Zam­bia but to many other Na­tions, com­pa­nies and in­dus­tries that are heav­ily reliant on us­age of fuel.

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