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ED­I­TOR — Nel­son Chamisa who has falsely ap­pro­pri­ated him­self the robes of a Mes­siah re­mains an un­re­pen­tant and dan­ger­ous tod­dler dic­ta­tor.

The dis­missal of the demo­crat­i­cally elected Mayor of Vic­to­ria Falls to pave way for his self-ap­pointed stooge should make all dic­ta­tors cringe with awe at the new record of mind-con­trol.

The coun­cil­lors have the right to choose their mayor with­out mo­lesta­tion. In the small mind of Nel­son, he must de­cide who stands for elec­tions, he must de­cide what role they play and he must also in­flu­ence all elec­tions and only those ac­cept­able to him de­serve to be elected.

To imag­ine that he has been mas­querad­ing as a demo­crat and mis­tak­ing big words for big ideas is a trav­esty to all those who be­lieve in democ­racy. He is so ob­sessed with him­self to the point of self-wor­ship and God for­bid that a dic­ta­tor of his stature as­sumes power for he is al­ready abus­ing power that he does not have.

In Masvingo he was med­dling with elec­tions promis­ing to rain fire and brim­stone to all those op­posed to his dic­ta­to­rial ten­den­cies. In Harare there were se­ri­ous al­le­ga­tions that only peo­ple who sang his praises loud­est were se­lected to stand as can­di­dates and un­for­tu­nately the elec­torate fell for his clumsy gim­micks.

In Bu­l­awayo there is that clown who al­legedly came into the swear­ing in cer­e­mony drunk. Bu­l­awayo has a proud his­tory of lead­er­ship and it is sad to see the City of Kings re­duced to the city of thieves. The coun­cil­lors, some of who have never run even a beer party, were smug­gled into the cham­bers.

The elec­torate was hood­winked into be­liev­ing that change was on its way. The vot­ing along po­lit­i­cal party lines has killed the coun­try.

The Hon­ourable Deputy Min­is­ter Modi has al­ready done won­ders in his con­stituency while the clue­less MDC coun­cil­lors are look­ing for the next sta­tion for lootoc­racy. It is an in­dict­ment into the “ed­u­cated peo­ple” of Zim­babwe that clowns, ruf­fi­ans, thugs, hooli­gans and hoods have found a feed­ing trough in pol­i­tics masked as ser­vice to the peo­ple.

The MDC was mak­ing use­less noise against the clean­ing of towns and clear­ing of ven­dors demon­strat­ing that it’s a party based on pop­ulism rather than prin­ci­ples. How can cholera which is the legacy of MDC be erad­i­cated with­out clean­ing the towns?

Chamisa has shown his true colours. He is a fierce dic­ta­tor who will burn ev­ery­thing un­less he gets his way. He lacks re­spect for the Vic­to­ria Falls coun­cil­lors who must have re­signed en­masse to re­flect their dis­dain for the im­po­si­tion of a mayor through du­bi­ous means.

How­ever, MDC coun­cil­lors can­not re­sign in sup­port of a prin­ci­ple for they do not un­der­stand what prin­ci­ples are. They have never had peo­ple at heart or ser­vice as a call­ing. Pol­i­tics has be­come a quick route to riches.

That drunk­ard in Bu­l­awayo was pro­tected yet a mayor in Vic­to­ria Falls whose crime was to be voted has been dis­missed for in­sub­or­di­na­tion. The MDC is a party of ex­cel­lent dou­ble stan­dards and a sym­bol of greedy and per­sonal self-ag­gran­dis­e­ment

The wor­ship­pers of the new god in town called Chamisa are a sorry sight. While trum­pet­ing democ­racy, daily their leader spits on demo­cratic val­ues.

His ways can­not be ques­tioned. He is the Al­pha and Omega and the blind fol­low­ers can­not dis­cern it. Only yesterday his hooli­gans were al­ready pro­claim­ing that he can­not be con­tested. No­body must chal­lenge him for the pres­i­dency that he grabbed from Dr Thokozani Khupe through hook and crook.

This MDC party led by Chamisa rep­re­sents the most rep­re­hen­si­ble and the worst os­ten­ta­tious mis­fit of power hun­gry in­di­vid­u­als whose agenda is to loot and pol­lute the na­tion. S Dube

Nel­son Chamisa

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