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Promoter’s widow struggling to cope

- Takawira Dapi

A SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean widow is in denial after her husband succumbed to Covid-19 six months ago.

Bongi Muzawazi, widow to Boksburg-based music promoter and businessma­n Roger Muzawazi, has been sharing her grief on social media.

On Valentine’s Day, Bongi penned a poem that she dedicated to Roger showing her affection to the late businessma­n.

Below reads the poem:

In Shona (Zimbabwean language) they say, Chema netariro

I know your legacy will live, my darling I miss you

This Valentine has a huge gap

You loved me until your dying day

You sent me a message, telling me how you loved me

You gave me so much love

That will last my life time

Farewell my love

Happy Valentines

I miss those Red Roses

You got me every Valentines

Happy Valentines in heaven.

In an interview with H-Metro, Bongi said she was still missing Roger and her first Valentine’s Day without him was not easy.

“I now celebrate the good you did for me, the love you honestly gave me day and night.

“From today, 14February 2021, I promise that I will never ever cry celebrate that good you engraved in me for life, to love people, to promote musicians, to work harder,” she said.

Bongi said only God was the one who could console people who lost their loved ones.

She also urged people to follow Covid-19 restrictio­ns to save lives.

“Let us all love to respect the Covid-19 rules and regulation­s that means respecting your beloved, “she said.

Bongi, who now runs Ekurhuleni Boksburg Hotel in Johannesbu­rg, has vowed to continue promoting lives shows in line with Covid-19 regulation­s.

 ??  ?? BONGI Muzawazi with husband Roger Muzawazi
BONGI Muzawazi with husband Roger Muzawazi

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