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The Hatfield Junior School teacher accused of ill-treating a pupil by ordering her to strip and sweep the floor with her bare hands as punishment is overzealou­s. At times there is no need to be overzealou­s when at work. Some punishment­s are not even necessary. It doesn’t mean kana makubasa matova an animal, treat children like yours. Imagine ari wako mwana akuitwa izvozvo by another teacher. Let’s be humane wherever we are, mabasa anopera aya. - Lala.

The stance by Commission­er General Matanga for zero-tolerance is the way to go. Police officers are public servants and they should lead by example by enforcing the law. The police force has been marred by corruption and bribery, which is not a good thing for such a profession. We have been asking who will police the police as some of them are committing crimes. - Looga.

Well done to Bounty Lisa for starting the project Gangsta Empire Studios, which targets less privileged female artistes. As a female artist, you should empower yourself, there is more power in empowering oneself. The advantages of being independen­t are that no one will tell you what to do and you don’t become a beggar. Keep going. - BaShanie.

They don’t love Africa with all of their heart and soul. Bryan Mbeumo and others chose to play for African teams, but they love countries in Europe. If they see that they can’t break into European countries’ teams, then they choose Africa. - Nyashadzam­wari.

Baba Harare is a good artist and gradually getting fame, but his music is not my favourite. I just want to urge him not to call himself King of Jiti. Vanhu ndovanokuk­widziridza not iwe, tenda Mwari nemukana. Pride comes before a fall zvekuti unoda match naJava kungotaura­wo hako. Java haana maoko ekuzhaka vanhu ane maoko ekutsvaga mari. He is rich, famous, smart, cool, sociable and hardworkin­g. Dai wambotaura naManyuchi weboxing kana maoko achivava. - Sibanda Sibs Masvingo.

The saboteurs who collapsed the deal for refurbishm­ent of the historic Rufaro Stadium must go to hell. - BaTino Jones.

Ndiraya the only problem or a sacrificia­l lamb? Hove kana yaora munobvisa pane honye modya pasina kana kutorasa yose. Dynamos, Caps United and Highlander­s what’s next? To hire coaches from the moon or Mars? - Nyasha Kawere, Mutoko.

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