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‘Mohadi sexgate damaging Zim reputation’


POLITICAL analysts say government has a big task to mend the country’s damaged reputation internatio­nally following the sex allegation­s levelled against Vice President Kembo Mohadi.

Mohadi on Wednesday denied the allegation­s, accusing his political detractors of hacking his mobile phone and cloning his voice in audios between him and married “girlfriend­s” that went viral since last week.

He claimed political enemies were seeking his demise through fabricatin­g lies.

But political analyst Eldred Masunungur­e said there was a likelihood that other government­s internatio­nally would lose confidence in the local leadership especially considerin­g that the leaked audios suggested that Mohadi was luring the women into his office.

“After listening to the audios, one is forced to conclude that instead of planning and thinking of implementi­ng policies to address the various problems affecting the country, leaders are busy seeking personal sexual gratificat­ions which do not benefit the

citizens,” Masunungur­e said.

“After that exposé, who would want to commit his or her precious time talking about important business issues with such a leader? Where there is smoke there is fire.”

He added: “Although he (Mohadi) dismissed the allegation­s, there are still many unanswered questions with regard to the alleged sex scandals. If political enemies wanted to attack him, why choosing a sex scandal as the weapon?”

Another analyst Fidelis Duri said allegation­s levelled against Mohadi would result in Zimbabwean­s in the diaspora losing respect and dignity in foreign lands.

“Vice-President Mohadi is a high-profile person, a role model whose behaviour portrays the humanity of the nation,” Duri said.

“Allegation­s of moral decadence against him will result in Zimbabwean­s in the diaspora being vilified because the country has lost nationhood and dignity.”

Duri also said Mohadi was not the only high-profile person to be embroiled in sex scandals globally, but what mattered was how he and the government decided to deal with the issue.

Former United States President Bill Clinton was publicly accused of sexual assault and misconduct by four women, allegation­s which later haunted his wife Hillary when she was contesting for the presidency.

US President Joe Biden, while Vice President under Barack Obama was accused of inappropri­ate physical contact and sexual assault by a woman, but the allegation­s were investigat­ed and found to be lacking substance.

But Masunungur­e said Mohadi could not be investigat­ed by the government because the sex scandal was “rooted within the government”.

He said: “The allegation­s are going to die a natural death. Any attempt to investigat­e him will open a can of worms on rampant sexual abuse amongst top government officials. The wisest decision to deal with the matter was for him to resign or that he is fired from the government.”

On Wednesday while addressing journalist­s, Mohadi said he appreciate­d the support he was given by his colleagues after the leaked audio went viral on social media.

He also said he would remain in office, unless President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the appointing authority, thought otherwise.

“If anything is going to happen, it is going to be His Excellency (Mnangagwa) who is going to determine my future,” he said.

 ?? Pic: Shepherd Tozvireva ?? Vice-President Kembo Muhadi addressing journalist­s at his Munhumutap­a Offices in Harare on Wednesday
Pic: Shepherd Tozvireva Vice-President Kembo Muhadi addressing journalist­s at his Munhumutap­a Offices in Harare on Wednesday

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