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Govt appoints new Zimsec board

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PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister Cain Mathema has appointed announced a new 14-member Zimbabwe School Examinatio­ns Council board and retained Eddie Mwenje as chairperso­n.

The new board members include Milidzani Faith, Masiye Moyo, Fidelis Mhlanga, David Jambwa, John Dewah, Lazarus Nembaware, Suzanne Joscelyne, Rogers Sisimayi, Wadzanai Chirongoma, Richard Gundane, Sindile Mhlanga, Eventhough Ndlovu, Kind Kupfudza, and Mike Kangaremu.

Two more members of the board are yet to be announced. The members will serve until 2024.

Mathema challenged the board to spearhead the ministry’s competency­based curriculum.

“The board is made up of academics, lawyers, educationi­sts, accountant­s and renowned administra­tors in whom we have faith that the ministry standards will be maintained and made better through their guidance,” Mathema said in a statement.

He said the appointmen­ts were made after consultati­ons with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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