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IN response to Govt mulls mandatory vaccinatio­n, COLLINS KAY KANAZACHE says: Zimbabwean­s never said they do not want to be vaccinated, they said they wanted more informatio­n on the efficacy, safety and quality of the vaccine in use. Only that! We all want to fight this virus, but government should respect our right to informatio­n. People should not be forced into this, but rather informatio­n and education have to be availed. Let people understand what they are getting into.

MARSHAL says: The Zanu PF government has a tendency of forcing people to attend its rallies and now it wants to force people to get vaccinated. Where are our rights?

IN response to Sexgate: VP Mohadi claims malice, ALEXIO CHIKWAMA says: Zimbabwe is actually on autopilot. We do not have leaders. Integrity is at the core of good leadership. How are we going to build a morally upright country when our leaders are failing the moral test? Zanu PF politician­s and prominent figures in government have always been accused of abusing young girls and women at large. They have been accused of acting like predators. This explains why they wanted to legalise “small houses”. Vice-President Kembo Mohadi should lead by example. He has failed the moral test and should resign. This is why people have no respect for these guys.

IN response to Japan extends US$8,6m to needy Zimbabwean­s, WYCLIFF TUNGWARARA says: We should be ashamed as a country. We depend on handouts from other countries that are organised and well-focused. Mbuya Nehanda should be turning in her grave because we have vast resources, but we are failing to feed our people. This is so depressing. How long shall we continue to depend on these handouts?

IN response to Bulawayo-Gwanda Road now death trap: Motorists, WILLIAM MUSINDO says: We have a government that opts to churn out lies and propaganda rather than addressing the challenges we are facing as a country. Our leaders speak to developmen­t that is non-existent. All roads in Zimbabwe are death traps. We have potholes everywhere. Our infrastruc­ture belongs to the 18th century era, yet someone wants us to believe the government is doing very well.

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