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IN response to Govt mulls mandatory vaccinatio­n, GARAIPASI says: There is something fishy about this programme. If Western countries which developed these COVID-19 vaccines are not even forcing their citizens to get the shot, why us? Even repressive former Rhodesian Premier Ian Smith would not force people to get the Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine — a vaccine primarily used against tuberculos­is. Where is the democracy if we are being forced to take a vaccine?

MAI RURU says: This forced vaccinatio­n programme will likely spark a fierce war between the citizens and government. Armed with little knowledge about COVID-19 vaccines, Zimbabwean­s are likely to conclude that the mandatory vaccinatio­ns are a planned systematic genocide on them. Who will fault them?

ZVIKOMBORE­RO says: People will buy those vaccinatio­n cards on the “alternativ­e” market and defeat the whole purpose of vaccinatio­n. Imposing mandatory vaccinatio­ns will likely create a new line of business for unscrupulo­us and greedy people, who in most cases are top government officials and well-connected people. It will only fuel corruption in hospitals as fake jab certificat­es will be issued. Have we not learnt anything from COVID-19 travel certificat­es or exemption letters.

CHIEF CHIDUKU says: Medical procedures follow the informed consent principle. People’s right to refuse a specific treatment should be respected and honoured. That is why some chronicall­y-ill people refuse to be put on life support or choose euthanasia and medical profession­als honour their wishes.

IN response to Zanu PF bans use of ED potraits on social media groups, ROSE MBOMA says: It seems President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his hangerson crave for power so much that they do not allow anyone else to be seen. Such centralisa­tion of power is detrimenta­l to the party. The same one-centre of power created problems for the late former President Robert Mugabe. Political parties should not create demi-gods in their leaders. It boggles the mind why a whole President elects to officiate at the unveiling of boreholes, an assignment that can be delegated to a junior minister. Zimbabwe is facing so many challenges which need attention from the highest offices on the land.

IN response to Govt axes WHO, Unicef

from Zim COVID-19 activities, JOHN AVERY says: I assume there is something to hide on the part of government and that’s probably the only reason why they have locked out outsiders. However, this is not a good move on government’s part.

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