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Robber fished from his Mudzi hideout

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A SUSPECTED armed robber, who was on the police most wanted list, has been nabbed while hiding at his rural home in Mudzi, Mashonalan­d East province, following a chase that involved a sniffer dog.

Lazurus Chinobhuru­ruka (36) is reportedly behind a spate of armed robberies across the country and has been on the run since June this year.

Mash East provincial police spokespers­on Inspector Simon Chazovachi­i yesterday confirmed the arrest of the suspect.

He said the suspect was found in possession of a fake Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) identity card.

“Police in Murewa have busted a suspect who is believed to be the mastermind of armed robberies that have been happening in the country,” Chazovachi­i said.

“Upon his arrest, he was searched and a police identifica­tion card was recovered.

“It is believed the suspect committed a spate of armed robbery cases and has been terrorisin­g several victims in different places throughout the country between October 2020 to June 2021. The suspect is currently in police custody and is assisting police with investigat­ions.”

Police said on July 15, detectives from the Criminal Investigat­ion Department (CID) Homicide Harare received informatio­n that Chinobhuru­ruka, of Mabvuku in Harare, was hiding at his rural home in Chinobhuru­ruka village under Chief Nyakuchena in Mudzi.

The detectives teamed up with ZRP Murewa Canine division to carry out a raid on the suspect’s homestead.

It is reported that while on their way to his homestead, the police officers reportedly saw him driving his vehicle along a dusty road they were using and they intercepte­d him.

Upon realising that he had been cornered, Chinobhuru­ruka reportedly jumped off the vehicle and bolted into the bush, prompting the police officers to give chase. Police unleashed a dog, which caught him, leading to his arrest.

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