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IN response to US, Zim in COVID-19 vaccine war, PIKIRAYI says: I doubt Presidenti­al spokespers­on George Charamba has any evidence to support his claims. I think he is just throwing the cat among the pigeons. He is playing a game, and waiting to see who, in the MDC Alliance, will give him an idea of why the opposition top hierarchy is rushing to get vaccinated, when in the past they had seemed sceptical.

IN response to Chiri in Parly over 2019 audit reports, GWIZHIKITI says: Auditor-General Mildred Chiri should know that she has all the time in the world. Her reports were already late, so she should have taken more time and exposed people who abused public funds. We cannot be taxed and see our money being abused by powerful and connected people. I don’t expect such an excuse again in future.

N response to Zimra seals border posts, MBUDAYA says: Zimbabwe Revenue Authority spokespers­on Francis Chimanda should know that border seals are largely used to block the public. When the bigwigs want to move their contraband, the borders will be opened. I have realised that there is selective applicatio­n of the law in this country.

IN response to Capacitate police to curb crime, WEZHIRA says: I laughed my lungs out this other day after reading a story where this very rich, but shady businessma­n donated money and fuel to the police towards the fight against crime. In future, how will the police investigat­e that person, suppose he has committed a crime? Essentiall­y, we need a police force that is either funded by government or is largely self-sustaining.

IN response to Burma Valley police, villagers clash, MAZVANYA says: The police have on most occasions been found on the wrong side of the law. Several times, they have been accused of brutalisin­g villagers or even killing innocent civilians. When will they start respecting human rights? Instead of protecting citizens, they brutalise them.

N response to Looted goods Zimbound, MWANANGUND­U says: South African authoritie­s are trying to create the impression that Zimbabwean­s were the biggest beneficiar­ies of the looting in that country in the past few days. They should fix their mess without involving us in their politics.

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