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Africa needs to modernise agricultur­al sector to feed itself


AFRICA’S productivi­ty in the agricultur­al sector and ability to feed itself depends on the modernisat­ion of local industries.

Agricultur­al transforma­tion can only take place if the value chains have processing plants like the ones that help smallholde­r farmers to increase productivi­ty, and supply these kind of factories so that it is processed and sold at high value.

Organisati­ons such as the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) are trying to bring agricultur­al transforma­tion at the centre of Africa’s renaissanc­e.

In Tanzania, the Joydons Limited in Bagamoyo, a maize flour processing factory owned by two women entreprene­urs, Joyce Donald Kimaro and Joyce Donatikima­ro, is among the 11 projects financed under a partnershi­p agreement with AGRA.

It avoids post-harvest loss by adding value to maize and has been able to get the technology that removes aflatoxins in maize flour.

Apart from that, AGRA has enabled the Tanzania Agricultur­al Developmen­t Bank to finance 11 small-and-medium enterprise­s with loans worth U$4,4 million.

Such strategic partnershi­ps enable organisati­ons to stimulate SMEs financing in the value addition of food crops.

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