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IN response to No jab, no PSC bus ride: Govt, MWANANGUND­U says: I think government is right, it is protecting those who have made an effort to protect themselves. Those who do not want to get the COVID-19 jab should know that they are putting not only their lives at risk, but those of people who were vaccinated. It should also cascade to public transport, that those who haven’t taken the vaccine should not be allowed to board public transport.

IN response to We’re in a crisis: Chamisa, GWIZHIKITI says: We have always been in a crisis. Our political leaders are behind the mess we find ourselves in. They create commotion so that they find an opportunit­y to loot. What pains me more is that those we hoped had solutions to our crisis, the likes of opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, have failed to take us to Canaan. In the run-up to the 2018 elections, he told us that we should wait for his signal. Fast-forward to 2019, he said hunger, joblessnes­s and the economic mess were the signal. Clever, he thought he was. The 2023 elections are two years away, what will he do to tame the crisis which will earn him votes? We are tired of people who speak but do not act.

Govt defers ex-farmers’ compensati­on,

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PIKIRAYI says: I knew this was coming. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government will always find excuses to delay paying the former commercial farmers. The script it is using for us is the same it will use for the former farmers. The regime has a bagful of tricks. It will do all it can to delay fulfilling its obligation. I feel that we, the taxpayers, will be burdened by these payments in the near future. The authoritie­s will do like they have done with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe farm mechanisat­ion debts, where they came up with the Zimbabwe Debt Assumption Act in 2015, which burdened taxpayers with payment for farm equipment which benefited the elite.

‘Zupco buses COVID-19 super spreaders’,

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WEZHIRA says: This has been said before, but because the real owners of those white Zupco buses want to recoup costs, they do not care how many people board the buses at any given time. They have tried effecting fare hikes, which has been spurned by commuters, so all they can do now is allow as many people to board the buses as possible, so that cost recovery does not take longer than expected.

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