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Gweru engages Salvi Lighting Rwanda to fix street lights

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GWERU City Council has engaged the services of Salvi Lighting Rwanda to install streetligh­ts on parts of the city, mayor Josiah Makombe has said.

Makombe said the local authority was working on modalities to replace all streetligh­ts in the Midlands capital.

“It is my pleasure to point out that we engaged a company by the name Salvi Lighting Rwanda which has ensured the installati­on of streetligh­ts from Metro Peech to Clonsilla,” he said in an interview.

“We want to have further engagement­s to ensure the lighting of the entire city.”

In March this year, council flighted tenders for the replacemen­t of streetligh­ts, which are mainly in the medium to low-density suburbs as well as the central business district and roads leading to the city.

Over the years, council has been failing to replace tower and streetligh­ts due to financial constraint­s.

According to council the city’s public lighting system is in a deplorable state as a large percentage of that infrastruc­ture is dysfunctio­nal mainly as a result of vandalism and theft.

In the past months there have been an increase in cases of muggings in the city due to lack of lighting.

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