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IN response to Teachers reject ‘measly’ pay hike, RONNY FAMBI says: It is worrisome that Presdent Emmerson Mnangagwa does not value teachers who used to earn between US$520 and US$550 during the reign of the late former President Robert Mugabe. Under the Mnangagwa regime, teachers are now earning $28 000, which is less than US$200 on the black market, if we are to factor in transactio­nal costs. Mnangagwa should introspect and pay civil servants a living wage.

IN response to Chitungwiz­a woman loses US$20k to armed robbers, RERAI SHANGAI says: The Zimbabwe Republic Police seems to have a soft spot for criminals, especially armed robbers who are committing crimes willy-nilly. It is shocking to note that to this day, we hear the police complainin­g about the shortage of vehicles. The second republic should prioritise the safety of citizen, not what we are seeing where criminals are running the show.

IN response to BCC sets up mobile vaccinatio­n team, TAWANDA CHARE says: Kudos to the Bulawayo City Council for introducin­g mobile vaccinatio­n teams because there are long queues at polyclinic­s, where people intend to be vaccinated. The city fathers have done the right thing.

IN response to New twist to ‘mysterious’ £330 000 supercar, TORAI MARI says: I have a feeling that the minister has threatened GVE. All of a sudden, GVE now says the car was shipped to an ordinary Zimbabwean. What nonsense! We will stick to the first informatio­n that a certain minister bought a £335 000 Rolls Royce Phantom. We wonder where these guys are getting money from, particular­ly at a time when the economy is in the doldrums and at least threequart­ers of the population is wallowing in abject poverty.

IN response to Govt pledges to pay cotton farmers their dues, RANGA IDAVANHU says: The Zanu PFled government has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it has failed to run the country. It is shocking to note that Lands minister Anxious Masuka takes pride in announcing that government has finally managed to pay cotton farmers money they were owed and supposed to be paid last year. The worst thing is that the money has lost value. We have a government in sixes and sevens, with no idea of how to run the country.

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