Nige­ria, Ghana, Is­rael or God

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Con­tin­ued from pre­vi­ous in­stal­ment OUR Lord Je­sus Christ ad­dressed the is­sue when He was talk­ing to a Samar­i­tan wo­man.

He pointed clearly that the is­sue was not moun­tains or Jerusalem but do­ing ev­ery­thing in spirit and truth, “God is spirit, and his wor­shipers must wor­ship in spirit and in truth’’ (John 4:24). I urge you to be still and be at ease while wor­ship­ing in spirit and truth, if God wills His hand will be mighty upon you with­out go­ing to Nige­ria, Ghana or Is­rael.

The Bi­ble man­i­fests that anoint­ing comes from God, not men. Men can­not do any­thing to you but they are just a chan­nel God can use.

To elab­o­rate on this is­sue, I would be­gin with the Old Tes­ta­ment. Oil in the Old Tes­ta­ment was an em­blem of the Holy Spirit.

When Saul was anointed as king, oil was poured on his head, “then Sa­muel took a flask of oil and poured it on Saul’s head and kissed him, say­ing, ‘has not the Lord anointed you leader of his in­her­i­tance?’” (1 Sa­muel 10:1).

This is re­it­er­ated in 1 Sa­muel 16:13 when David was also anointed to be king, “so Sa­muel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the pres­ence of his broth­ers, and from that day on the spirit of the Lord came upon David in power. Sa­muel then went to Ramah.”

By pour­ing oil on their heads, the anoint­ing of the Lord came might­ily upon these two which por­trays that oil was one of the em­blems of the Holy Spirit in the Old Tes­ta­ment.

Mov­ing on, we go to the New Tes­ta­ment when Je­sus walked on this earth, He gave a prom­ise to his dis­ci­ples, “on one oc­ca­sion, while he was eat­ing with them, he gave this com­mand! “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Fa­ther promised, which you have heard me speak about.”

“For John bap­tised with wa­ter, but in a few days you will be bap­tised with the Holy Spirit’’ (Acts 1:4-5).

He had been with them for three years but they could not of­fer much to peo­ple be­cause as yet they had not re­ceived the power. Af­ter be­ing em­pow­ered, they were bold to wit­ness lo­cally and ev­ery­where, (Acts 1:8).

This shows it clearly that power comes from the Holy Spirit and not from any­where else. For the dis­ci­ples to re­ceive the anoint­ing they did not travel to an­other place but the pres­ence of the Lord came upon them.

This did not end on that oc­ca­sion but it is still hap­pen­ing to­day, the prom­ise still stands. Peo­ple were stunned when they heard them speak­ing in tongues and Peter ex­plained to them that this was ful­fill­ing Joel’s proph­esy.

Af­ter ex­plain­ing to them they were touched and they asked what they could do.

In re­sponse, Peter told them to re­pent and then re­ceive the gift of the Holy Spirit, “Peter replied, ‘re­pent and be bap­tised, ev­ery one of you, in the name of Je­sus Christ for the for­give­ness of sins. And you will re­ceive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The prom­ise is for you and your chil­dren and for all who are far off- all whom the Lord your God will call.’” (Acts 2:38-39). In the light of the above, power or anoint­ing does not come from men or any­where but from God.

The prom­ise of the Holy Spirit is for all those who would have be­lieved in His name.

There is no spec­i­fied place for one to go to re­ceive the power be­cause it does not come from men but from God.

So trav­el­ling to Nige­ria, Ghana, and Is­rael is not about seek­ing God but other things be­cause God is wor­shipped in spirit and in truth and those seek­ing him should do so in spirit and not in flesh.

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